Ayurveda Training for Service-Plants

For further information on Kumudini Shoba's teaching schedule to support Service-Plants, please refer to The Yoga Lodge of Whidbey Island and The Whidbey Institute .

Also refer to this recent article, These Plants are Teachers - Whidbey Institute Newsletter.

Kumudini provides training programs for health practitioners and inspired individuals who are keen to explore their own personnel development through Ayurveda, to a higher and deeper level - integrating this ancient wisdom into modern life.

ayurveda1.jpg Ayurveda embraces the knowledge of life through vision, ideas and intuitive experiences. Acceptance of this knowledge allows us to develop a closer connection to nature and the balance of vata, pitta and kapha doshas within us.

When in balance these doshas enable us to maintain health and harmony with our own being and in our expression and interaction with the world around us.

  Please contact us for further details.

I have only one inner teacher:
A gratitude-flame.
I have only one outer teacher:
A surrender-drop.
- Sri Chinmoy