About Service-Plants

logo_yellow_reduced.jpg Service-Plants is dedicated to bringing forward a higher awareness of life, to assist individuals to achieve greater health and balance, as well as assisting them in their own self-discovery.

The ancient cultures of earth possessed many rare and natural talents in the healing arts, such as Ayurveda and other natural healing practices, that are now being rediscovered and revalued by humanity.

Service-Plants has a group of experienced health practitioners and scientists, dedicated to reviving and honouring this lost wisdom, by developing natural, sustainable and organic products.

Our quality high end formulations are specifically designed to bring forward the higher 'satvic' qualities of humanity. Service-Plants is inspired by the teachings of  Sri Chinmoy . We have included a selection of his uplifting poetry throughout the website for your inspiration.

clear-mind-1.jpg Our ingredients are sourced from accredited organic farms and natural growers, where they are nurtured, dried and packaging with great care. The products are then manufactured at our production facility using the latest techniques available, to the highest grade quality.

Service-Plants products  are free from all additives and fillers, are vigorously tested for any trace or microbial and heavy metal contamination. They come to you in a pure and powerful form, just the way Mother Nature intended.

Everything we can get
From our aspiration
Inside the heart of Nature,
Mother Earth.
—Sri Chinmoy