Balancing Vata

Vata is the law that governs the movement in the body, vital energy and mind: when to slow down, when to speed up, when to run, when not to run, when to work, when to stop working. Therefore the law of Vata is deeply connected to our prana, the vital.

To balance the Vata dosha;

  • Start your day with warm water, drink water regularly throughout the day and add good quality oil to your foods, to maintain hydration.
  • Upon rising, give yourself quiet time or meditation time to allow the body and the mind to come into the outer world with focus and attention.
  • Eat balanced, regular meals with joy, with heavier foods during the early part of the day.
  • Avoid dry, cold foods while introducing warm moist foods into your diet.
  • Keep the body, vital and mind circulating new inspiration.
  • Exercise regularly and start your exercise programs with gentle stretching or yoga, and, if necessary, follow this with more vigorous exercise.
  • Pay attention to daily rhythms to create regularity; the mind needs to have peaceful times; and the vital needs to feel dynamic. Take time out during the day to avoid sensory overload.
  • Maintain your body warmth with self-massage, and massage your feet with oil to maintain grounding.

If you are Vata dominant, Warming and Hydration are the most important.

When the Vata dosha is not in balance, you may experience spaciness, forgetfulness, difficulty with movement, insomnia, constipation, flatulence, dryness and general nervousness. If you see this in yourself, even if your dominant dosha is not vata, you know your vata dosha is out of balance.