Balancing Pitta

To balance Pitta, it is important to pay attention to the thermostat of the body and the mind. Overheating is very common in the Pitta nature, so take the time to cool yourself down, eating the appropriate foods, and take time out when the mind becomes hot and critical.

To balance the Pitta dosha;

  • Start your day with warm water in winter and cool water in summer.
  • Upon rising give yourself quiet time or meditation time to allow the body and the mind to come into the outer world with focus and attention.
  • Overheating, both physically and emotionally, is very common in the pitta nature so take time to chill out.
  • Watch for your hunger level and eat when hungry without delaying, eating heavier foods during lunch.
  • Eat cooling, simple foods such as fruits or rice. Avoid over spicy, oily or sour foods that create heartburn and may cause the intestines to inflame.
  • Pitta can be imbalanced by high acidity. Take alkalising foods.
  • Pitta generally needs raw foods and some very mildly spiced cooked foods with a greater proportion of fruits and vegetables, some grain and dairy and a lesser proportion of nuts and meat.
  • Moderate coffee and tea use.
  • Keep your body cool.
  • Exercise only during the cooler times of the day and take a short rest period during the hottest part of the day.
  • Do daily self-massage to keep your skin moist.
  • Give yourself proper rest, away from stimulation.

If you are a Pitta dominant, Cooling and Alkalising are most important.

If the Pitta dosha is imbalanced, the body is heated, you feel irritable and can have diarrhoea, skin rashes and itching, restless sleep, night sweats or inordinate thirst.