Balancing Kapha

Kapha allows us to connect, harmonise, balance, solidify and stabilise. Kapha means to embrace. It means to hold what we need and to let go of what of we don’t need.

To balance the Kapha dosha;

  • Start your day with hot water with some lemon to stimulate your digestion.
  • Upon rising, give yourself quiet time or meditation time to allow the body and the mind to come into the outer world with focus and attention.
  • Eat heavier foods during the early part of the day paying attention to eating very light food in the evening.
  • It is beneficial to eat raw foods, raw juices and take hot ginger tea.
  • Exercise in the morning vigorously for a short period to activate the physical body and have one short rest period during the day.
  • Spend time with others, to stimulate new thoughts and ideas. Keep your body warm and do daily self-massage.
  • Keep your skin moist by applying oil.

If you are Kapha dominant, Warming and Moderation are most important.

If Kapha is imbalanced, you feel tired and lethargic, you gain weight, oversleep, move slowly, and have excess mucous or slow bowel movements.