Ayurveda—The Wisdom of Life

Ayurveda was developed over many thousands of years in ancient India and is founded upon a profound understanding of our human connection to nature. The knowledge of Ayurveda comes from an illumined body of knowledge called the Vedas. Veda means wisdom and in combination with ayur, meaning life, refers to the wisdom of life.

In ancient India, the people who codified this knowledge were called Rishis or Seers. The Rishis of Ayurveda taught from an elevated consciousness and stressed the value and importance of obtaining an inner and an outer understanding and appreciation of life, bringing into balance our inner and outer realities to a place where the individual integrally knows oneself. Lord Dhanwanti.jpg

Even though it was created in ancient India, Ayurveda is a living, active knowledge that is just as valid today as it was in earlier times. Ayurveda enables us to be empowered with the wisdom to live in harmony and oneness. Its approach to life is about living in the here and now, about creating balance, health and happiness.

Ayurveda teaches us how to maintain balance in our lives. Knowledge of Ayurveda helps us understand our individual nature and how we can experience joy and harmony within ourselves and with others.

The body of the Vedic poetry is simplicity.
The vital of the Vedic poetry is sincerity.
The mind of the Vedic poetry is clarity.
The heart of the Vedic poetry is purity.
The soul of the Vedic poetry is luminosity.
- Sri Chinmoy

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