Conscious Living

Too often in today's world we become over stimulated by news and events that we lose connection to our own true needs and the very fabric of our nature.

Living consciously and taking care of yourself is a matter of being aware. It is this awareness allows you to tune your body, vital (prana) and mind towards its highest potential. In this chapter we have added a few helpful hints to help keep us all in balance and on the pathway to our own perfection.

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Having an understanding of your own Ayurveda constitution and identifying what internal and external circumstances alter your balance, can help you to achieve balance, harmony and happiness in life.

To achieve and balance your constitution, your need to take into account the lifestyle you are leading, consider your relationships and work within the parameters of your environment. We are all different, so what may be perfectly balancing for one individual can precipitate the opposite effect in another.

  • Lifestyle refers to the way you choose to live, play, work and the foods you choose to eat.
  • Relationships refers to being aware of the constitution of your loved ones and those you communicate with, in relation to your own nature.
  • Environment refers to the weather, altitude, country, and social atmosphere in which you live and work.

On a regular basis we all need to make conscious choices to balance and nurture ourselves. This will in turn strengthen our understanding and relationship to ourself and others around us.