Answers from "Protection from the Unseen" Webinar

"We may convert every house in the country in to a charity asylum, we may fill the land with hospitals, but the misery of man will still continue to exist until man's character changes." - Swami Vivekananda 1863-1902.

Acarasuddhi is the purification of our outer actions. The Karmic Law always operates on earth regardless of our doshas, prana etc, as we are on the dualistic plane of human consciousness. Through connecting to the Divine higher Law, we are asking for Forgiveness to live in Gratitude and receive Grace. This may mitigate some of the harsh cumulative Karma which will act on us once ripe. 

There is a famous saying by Lord Buddha: "you are Divine by deed not by birth."

Karma is action, so every time we act there is a karmic reaction. We can also be affected by Sanchita Karma, which are our piled up or accumulated bad actions, that may come all at once, waking up our consciousness to Prakruti, the Divine Mother, to show us who is really in charge. Hopefully the result will be inner awakening to simplicity, purity and surrender to the Ishtadevata, your Divine inner guide who is walking the Path in and with you.

Deepening Pratyahara (conscious withdrawal) is really important when there is collective stress. It is not a denial but awareness of sensory actions. If we connect through our senses too much into outer collective activity, we will absorb the dark forces of fear, anger from around us and may become overwhelmed.

Ahamkara must protect herself, maintain a boundary and not let intruders that will damage enter. Now you can take information, emotion, and medicinal substances to protect and strengthen your boundary but not let any of it take over you. Anything you can do to conserve prana, Pranlobha, is good. Gentle pranayama or mudras can be done as long as these do not overwhelm your Prana.

As to clearing the fear that is everywhere, use the Heart-Power that exists deep inside your self. Fear according to Ayurveda is a cold and constricting emotion. Therefore it is always good to warm the body eg: hot bath, warm oil massage and warming spices and teas. External Agni will help keep the internal Agni fire from getting doused by cold emotion. Open the mind to more expansive uplifting music and mantra to bring Ravipriya, the Smile of the Sun.

It is possible to control the body temperature through Yoga and Pranayama practice but this needs to be undertaken under the direct guidance of a Guru. But just simply being aware of your own breath is a safe and very effective practice to do. However, it is not easy as we are constantly thinking rather than being. My Guru Sri Chimoy said to imagine there is a feather in front of your nose and breathe without making the feather ruffle, because, "Imagination is nothing but a veiled reality."

It is difficult to find book on herbs in English that describes the deeper prana of herbs. Sanskrit names usually give some meaning and also from Latin, like the coltsfoot flower I showed in the class, 'Tussilago Fararfara,' cough go away. In Ashwagandha, Ashwa means Horse and Gandha means smell, symbolising the powerful vital smell of a running horse. There is herb used in lowering blood sugar called Gymnema Sylvestre and in Sanskrit it is called Madhu Vinasini, or the destroyer of the sweet (Madhu).  

Learning the energy of herbs is very beautiful, inner journey that allows you discover the deeper prana of Mother Earth and its relationship to your own being. It takes time and patience and sometimes just comes to you when you are ready to hear it.