Protection from the Unseen

Self-care and protection tips from Ayurveda Practitioner and Herbalist Kumudini Shoba, utilising the wisdom of Ayurveda.

1.    Breath: This is the time to breathe gently. Take slow deep breaths and try to slow down the Prana movement into your lungs. Allow the inhalation and exhalation slow down without applying any force. Calmly and gently allow your lungs to expand into God consciousness. Advanced pranayama practises are not advised at this time.

2.    Hands: Love and protect your hands. Wash with hot water and a gentle natural soap. Please note - Many commercial soaps are harsh and will pull the natural protective oils from the skin, causing the membranes to dry and weakening their ability to act as a protective barrier. Keep your hands well oiled. Best to avoid shaking hands, instead fold hands together in the Namaste greeting which translates as, "I bow to the Divine within you."

3.    Ears: After washing, rub your hands together and place over your own ears to maintain the warmth and Prana inside the ears. Remember your hears are a balancing point, be careful to not overload your hears with more sound and information than you can digest. Slow down your hearing consumption and chant mantras to calm your whole system.

4.    Nose and Face: After cleaning the nose and face add a few drops of oil on your face before you put in moisturiser  etc. Then rub a few drops of Life-River oil or sesame oil to the entrance of the nostrils. This will protect the incoming Prana and also act as protective barrier to external particles.

5.    Eyes: Use natural eye drops to keep your eyes moist. This will maintain the protective barrier of the eyes. Our eyes are powerfully connected to the fire element, keep them cool with a little rosewater or cucumber slices.

6.    Skin: Regular full body oiling (once or twice a week) will keep your skin moist and the membranes healthy, to maintain its protective barrier to the outside world. Oils will protect and nourish the skin. You can use the Life-River Oil or regular Sesame Oil. Steam distilled essential oils can be used if diluted to 3% or less in a carrier oil. Essential oils may burn and break down mucus membranes if taken in higher concentrations.

7.     Mouth: Regular oil pulling. Take 15-30 ml of Life-River oil or Sesame oil in your mouth hold for 1-3 minutes. Spit out all the oil and then wash your mouth and gargle with warm water mixed with salt and turmeric. Using a tongue scraper to remove excess mucus from the tongue is also advised.

8.     Food: During this time it is best to keep your Agni high by eating warmer foods. Minimise cold mucus forming foods such as milk, yogurt, cheeses and all frozen foods. Fasting is not recommended at this time. Spiced Chai with ginger, cinnamon and cloves will boost your Agni as well as drinking hot water. Adding a few strands of saffron will also aid immunity. A simple kitchen remedy to protect the lungs is a little ginger powder mixed with raw honey on a teaspoon. Nettle teas and Triphala which is high in Vitamin C is also recommended.

9.     Asanas: Yoga asanas will aid flexibility for the body, mind and prana. Fear will cause constriction and make us rigid. Be flexible, loving and kind to yourself and this will automatically then flow to others,

10.    Forgiveness: The direct translation for Immunity in Sanskrit is Forgiveness. This is something for us all to deeply contemplate. Develop the capacity to forgive yourself and others, and also refrain from recalling past mistakes over and over. Forgiveness will lighten and cleanse your prana.

11.   Happiness: Keep smiling and laugh out loud. Humour is the best medicine. Pray for happiness.