Prakruti and Prana

Acarasudhhi is the awareness of our outer conduct at all times. If we aspire to be aware of our actions, our inner awareness will correct us as we perform each action. We know when we have harmed someone or done something wrong from a deeper place and acarasuddhi is cultivating this place consciously. We can then live our life free of denial of our actions and behavior, whether they are good or bad, it is known deep within and then without.

Patanjali’s Yama/Niyama is somewhat different, it is more of restraint and discipline. Ultimately it is the inner that supports the outer. Of course all of this leads to Chit Shakti.

Maya Shakti is energy, but this energy lives in duality. Therefore we may get energized by someone or some actions that are not necessarily pure or high. When bad energy enters, even if we are energized, we will pay a price.