Rejuvenation: Mind, Body and Prana

This discernment, although difficult, saves us from the mirage of food complications. Especially when our hunger is overridden or driven from the mind or vital and not the body's need. It takes a while to work out what true hunger is and listen to the body, otherwise emotion tend to take over and overwhelm us. 
Which food to eat is a real challenge but you can simplify into what food is warming and what is cooling. It is not the outer temperature but what happens inside the body that counts. Look in the book, Pitta balancing foods are generally cooling, Vata and Kapha balancing will be warming. This is only a general guideline, if there is inflammation or heat after food, itching, piles, diarrhea, sty in the eye etc this generally means the pitta has increased. Even though you need Agni to digest which works with pitta, you do not need too much. Lower the acidity by using an organic acid like apple cider vinegar with mother very diluted !:5, which may get you out of trouble. You can use lime or lemon in the same way. Similarly if you get too much mucus from food (increasing kapha) refrain from eating the next meal, drink hot water and let the mucus come out of the body.
There are lists of foods for each dosha in books, but it is best to listen as much as you can. In general spices are warming but green leafy things are cooling. Fatty proteins are warming like heavy meats and animal fats while vegetables are cooling.