Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

Ayurveda Practitioner Kumudini Shoba is dedicated to bringing forward a higher awareness of life, to assist individuals to achieve greater health and balance, as well as assisting them in their own self-discovery. 

This site provides details of Kumudini's webinar and workshop teaching schedule. Kumudini is the developer pf the Service-Plants Ayurveda product range and is based in Seattle, USA.


Protection from the Unseen

Self-care and protection tips from Ayurveda Practitioner and Herbalist Kumudini Shoba, utilising the wisdom of Ayurveda. [ read more ]

Prakruti and Prana

Acarasudhhi is the awareness of our outer conduct at all times. If we aspire to be aware of our actions, our inner awareness will correct us as we perform each action. [ read more ]

The Pancha Maha Bhutas

Nature as a manifestation of Great God is called Prakruti, and nature as a divine witness is called Purusha. God manifests on earth through everything being born therefore called the Mother Earth. However, Mother Earth does not exist without Father Sky.  [ read more ]