Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

Ayurveda Practitioner Kumudini Shoba is dedicated to bringing forward a higher awareness of life, to assist individuals to achieve greater health and balance, as well as assisting them in their own self-discovery. 

This site provides details of Kumudini's webinar and workshop teaching schedule. Kumudini is the developer pf the Service-Plants Ayurveda product range and is based in Seattle, USA.


Ayurveda Nutrition Oct 2018

It is not always good to mix fruits with other vegetables in cooking or juices as the fruits digestion is different from vegetables especially root vegetables. Fruit are the gift from God directly to us we could get immediate nourishment. [ read more ]

Ayurveda Nutrition Sep 2018

It is possible to introduce tastes to get out of addiction however you have to work on all levels of the being body, mind and the emotions. If someone has consumed lifetime of bitter in words it is not wise to use too much bitter even to just cleanse. [ read more ]

Prakruti & Vikruti Aug 2018

The study of duality is essentially a study of observation into oneself. The laws of nature exist in duality. There is no hot without cold, there is no large without small. Understanding duality is acceptance of life, these are earthly laws. [ read more ]